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Update – Covid-19 Safety Measures

By way of update we are still proceeding towards re-opening as soon as all appropriate measures are in place. We hope to be able to provide as near to normal pub experience as possible while having in place all appropriate measures for the safety of you and the staff.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the following:


A strict one-way system will be in place when we reopen. This will be clearly sign posted with Entrance through the Main Door and Exit via the Back Door onto the Car Park area.

There will be an outline of the Covid 19 rules posted above the serving hatch in the entrance. Hand sanitising facilities will be provided at various points within the premises. In addition to those at the Entrance and Exit.

We intend to allow customers to drink inside and to facilitate this all doors and windows will be open to allow a free circulation of air. Signs indicating the safe numbers of customers that can be accommodated in each room will be displayed at the entrance to each room. We ask that visitors respect these numbers and that we may not be able to accommodate all of you at busy times. Customers are asked to sit at the tables provided and to minimise any movement within the premises in the interests of the safety of other customers and staff. 

Where customers arrive in a party only one member will be allowed to order pay and collect their drinks from the bar. All other members of the party will be required to sit down at an available table. Parties of up to 6 are allowed but only if from the members of 2 households.

All tables and benches have been set out in line with our Social Distancing policy. Please do not move any tables and benches. 

As part of our increased cleaning regime we will close for a period each day as indicated by our proposed opening hours.


We will keep a Daily Register of all customers names, phone numbers and, where possible, e-mail addresses. In order to minimise the time spent collecting the contact details of customers, we ask that our regular customers provide their details to us once at the outset either on first visit or by email to theunicornlutterworth@gmail.com. With your consent these will be kept separately and destroyed 21 days after a return to normal trading. Any new customers will be required to enter their details on a Daily Register and may be asked for supporting ID. The Daily record will be destroyed after 21 days.

We will not require these details from people who take advantage of the “carry out” service which will be operated from the serving hatch in the Entrance. Such customers will however be asked to leave via the lounge in order to observe the one-way system.


There is evidence that handling money increases the risk of transmitting the virus. We are therefore encouraging customers to make use of contactless payment. If you intend to pay by cash please advise the member of staff before you order. Be aware that it is at the staff’s discretion as to whether they accept cash.

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